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Terms and Conditions for Clickworld

Welcome to Clickworld, the largest free business listing site in India and Top Indian free classified ads posting site. These are the terms and conditions governing your use of Clickworld, the best free business listing sites in India, that allows users to search, post, and sell products and services under specific categories. By accessing Clickworld either through the website or any other electronic device, you acknowledge, accept and agree to the following terms and conditions of Clickworld (No.1 Business Listing Site in India), which are designed to make sure that Clickworld works for everyone.


These website standard terms and conditions written on this website shall manage your use of this site like listing your business for free and posting your products and services using our free classified sites in India. These Terms will be applied fully and effectively to your use of this Website. By using this Clickworld, the free business listing Websitein India, you agreed to accept all terms and conditions written in here. You must not use this website if you disagree with any of these Website Standard Terms and Conditions.

Intellectual Property Rights
  • Other than the content you own, under these Terms, Clickworld and/or its licensors own all the intellectual property rights and materials contained in this Website.
  • You are granted to create an account with this site for your personal and business purposes. We may collect your Name, Email Address, Phone Number details to confirm your account.
  • You are granted to use this website for commercial marketing purposes such as promoting your advertisements in Clickworld Listing portal for free.
  • You are granted a limited license only for purposes of viewing the material contained on this Website and you are allowed to posting business ads and free business classified ads under the respected category by browsing this website.

A posting that, directly or indirectly, offer, attempt to offer, trade or attempt to trade in any product, the dealing of which is prohibited or restricted in any manner under the provisions of any applicable law, rule, regulation or guideline for the time being in force in any way.

  • Post unique contents which is belongs to your products and services. If we find anything which is not unique and which is against our privacy rules, our team will remove your information without any prior notice.
  • The offer to sale of products that are stolen which are strictly prohibited by us.
  • Uploading viruses or bugs onto the server or any other activity that may cause Clickworld to lose control over its ISP's or that may damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information.
  • Contact anyone who has asked not to be contacted in our free business listing site in India and free classified ads posting site in India
  • Use the email function on Clickworld to send unsolicited emails or use addresses found on Clickworld to send unsolicited Mails (SPAM).
  • Collect data on the Clickworld website about other users for commercial or unlawful usage.
  • We are strictly restricted to use of pornographic images or articles. Use abusive, sexually explicit or derogatory language.
  • Linking images, feedback or articles from another site especially if they are copyrighted or get attracted under intellectual property rights.
  • Do any activities, which shall directly or indirectly amount to hacking.
  • Drugs items, psychotropic substances, narcotics, Liquor, tobacco products, and intoxicants of
  • You will not engage in any activity that may interfere in proper working of the many measures
  • There will be no misuse or use of content that is not yours without prior consent.
  • There will be no unauthorized access to data that is private and confidential.
  • Any religious items, including books, artifacts, etc. which is likely to affect the religious sentiments of any person.
Your Content

In these Website Standard Terms and Conditions, “Your Content” shall mean any audio, video text, images or other material you choose to display on this Website. By displaying Your Content, you grant Clickworld a non-exclusive, worldwide irrevocable, sub-licensable license to use, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate and distribute it in any and all media.

Your Content must be your own and must not be invading any third-party’s rights. Clickworld reserves the right to remove any of Your Content from this Website at any time without notice.

No warranties

This Website is provided “as is,” with all faults, and Clickworld express no representations or warranties, of any kind related to this Website or the materials contained on this Website. Also, nothing contained on this Website shall be interpreted as advising you.

Limitation of liability

In no event shall Clickworld, or any of its officers, directors,andemployees shall be held liable for anything arising out of or in any way connected with your use of this Website whether such liability is under contract. Clickworld, including its officers, directors,and employees shall not be held liable for any indirect, consequential or special liability arising out of or in any way related to your use of this Website.


You hereby indemnify to the fullest extent Clickworld from and against any and/or all liabilities, costs, demands, causes of action, damages and expenses arising in any way related to your breach of any of the provisions of these Terms.


If any provision of these Terms is found to be invalid under any applicable law, such provisions shall be deleted without affecting the remaining provisions herein.

Variation of Terms

Clickworld is permitted to revise these Terms at any time as it sees fit, and by using this Website you are expected to review these terms on a regular basis.


The Clickworld is allowed to assign, transfer, and subcontract its rights and/or obligations under these Terms without any notification. However, you are not allowed to assign, transfer, or subcontract any of your rights and/or obligations under these Terms.

Entire Agreement

These Terms constitute the entire agreement between Clickworld and you in relation to your use of this free business listing site and free classified ads posting sites and supersede all prior agreements and understandings.